‘Diaspora’ [di-as-po-ra] refers to the scattering of people from their homeland, to set up life in a new setting and culture.


My own diaspora is one of the Pacific but ‘diaspora’ resonates with anyone who has become disconnected from their ‘true home’, be that physical, emotional or spiritual.


In this demanding, constantly changing world, we all experience levels of overwhelm and alienation. The pressure to keep up can see us thrown off course and disconnected from our authentic selves and our true passions.


I created the diaspora way as a self-leadership navigation system to bring our core purpose to the workplace and generate  the confidence, courage and commitment  to live each day with authenticity, abundance, purpose and joy.


The only way home is to get grounded and ‘come home’.


Mena helped open my mind to possibilities
 I’d never thought possible in my career, finances
and relationship with my partner.

Bridget, Health professional


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