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"With Mena’s wisdom and firm coaching, she helped open my mind to possibilities I’d never thought possible in my career, finances and relationship with my partner. The plans were easy to follow and the goals I first had looked different to the ones I ended up with after three months coaching. It was a different way of thinking that made life look more exciting.”
Bridget, health professional.


"Mena weaves together the many threads of her experience in her work as a coach; in governance, community leadership, project management, Pacifica, and as a parent. She brings enquiry and courage, and she has a great ability to tune in and to gently challenge. Mena creates trust and tunes in speedily with warmth and good humor in helping you find your way forward in a confidential and supportive environment.”
Diana Jones, Executive Coach and Board Chair.


"We chose Mena to join us on our journey as a whanau. There was already lots of aroha and support for our twenty yr old daughter, niece, sister, mokopuna. There was a well thought out education plan put in place from birth. Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Maori, University. All went to plan with even a year spent  abroad in Europe. On her return she went off to uni with great confidence and ready for the next phase in the well thought out education plan. After a year of uni our loving daughter decided to take a sabbatical.......


It became a tricky season for us all. We continued with our aroha and support & offered guidance... the aunties all had input too. As a loving mother I knew that our daughter needed another level of support. One day I searched the internet and came across Mena and knew straight away Mena was the woman for the job.

We as a whanau took a small step back and Mena began her mentoring. We all felt the change as the weeks went by. There was a sense of possibilities, belief, confidence grew and the motivation came. Mena felt like a sister to me and another aunty to our beloved daughter.


Mena's approach to mentoring has been meaningful with a purpose to reach achievable goals and to push through those tricky bits. Regardless of our backgrounds, our age, our wealth the recipe is the same.

Awhai Mai, Awhai Atu. Nga mihi..... Te Whanau." Nga mihi nui Lou

"The journey of the past four weeks has been a guiding light for all that I am and can be....."
Sandra, Get Bold workshop participant.


"Thank you for giving me the benefit of your time and wisdom recently. It set me up for an amazing breakthrough with my sisters that evening.  Amongst the many teachings and processes we played with, the 'step out of the boat' analogy continues to resonate.  It redirected my steps back towards my soul/heart /love. It gifted me the realisation that on this path  'stepping out' feels like there is no effort...and so much funnnn! Hallelujah!!!"
A one-on-one client.


"Over the last few months my conversations with Mena have helped me explore my leadership and my various relationships through a new lens. ....the most valuable and powerful conversations have been around who I really am and my identity - this includes, mind, body, soul and spirit. This work has enabled me to penetrate the passions that lie within without fear but with total confidence, faith and surety that success is inevitable!"

Florence, Senior Communications Specialist & Fashion Blogger.



"No one has ever made me see the possibilities the way Mena sees them."


"Magnificent Mena."


"Mena facilitated a SWOT analysis for us recently at Cobblestones Museum. Mena was an excellent facilitator who had obviously prepared well for this session. She has the skills and personality to stimulate discussion and generate ideas & dialogue. Her easy going, non confrontational manner ensured that everyone participated. She was able to hone in on strengths/ weakness and get to the heart of issues being discussed whilst keeping the forum neutral & not personal. At the end of the session we had an extensive and well crafted SWOT analysis completed which was exactly the outcome we were hoping for. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator."
Leigh Hay, Chair, Marketing, PR & Events, Cobblestones Trust.



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